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truerookie Thu Jan 07, 2010 08:45am

AP or not

Reading this article out of STL. It was not totally clear whether the information given cause one team not to go for the rebound. Putting a team at a disadvantage thus possibly going to the arrow.

Welpe Thu Jan 07, 2010 08:51am

You're right, the article doesn't make it clear if team possession was established prior to the whistle being blown. It does not seem they went to the arrow in this situation. Unless more information comes through, I'll side with the officials. :D

JRutledge Thu Jan 07, 2010 09:02am

This actually took place in Illinois and I read this situation on another site. It is not clear (here or there) whether possession was present during the whistle. And it was unclear on the other site if the officials communicated the right foul shooting situation.


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