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Adam Sun Dec 17, 2006 06:34pm

I was just kidding
I should have known better. 5 of us drove an hour and a half yesterday for four games. 2 man for two simultaneous JV games; each JV crew did the varsity for the same gender as their JV game; with the 5th guy rounding out the third whistle for both varsity games.

I've got the JV girls game in the practice gym with a "sports court" floor. Nice floor, easy to run on. At half time, partner and I joked about how we could go all day. Well, apparently the basketball gods were listening. :(

Score is 18-18 with about 2 minutes left in regulation. Neither team scores the rest of the 4th quarter. With about 1 minute left in overtime, I look up, and it's still 18-18. As the horn sounds, we have a foul on B1 as A1 is shooting. A1 misses both free throws, so the score remains 18-18. They liked overtime so much they wanted another one; meanwhile, the girls varsity game is waiting on two refs and about 8 players.

Game ends after 2OT, 22-20. The winning team never had a lead until the second OT. Other than that, it was a standard girls JV game.

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