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brianb87 Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:15pm

i am starting to ref middle school basketball with some friends, i am a senior in high school that loves college basketball(IU and IUPUI to be exact) i have trouble telling where to inbound the ball at certain points, say if there is a over and back call or like someone travels in the middle of the court or if a ball is thrown wildly out of bounds, could someone clear this up for me before i start

Back In The Saddle Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:31pm

The general case is that you'll throw it in at the nearest spot OOB.

For over and back, inbounds at the spot nearest to where the violation occurred (which will be where the player touched the ball).

For a travel in the middle of the court, you're probably going to the nearest sideline.

For an OOB violation, it's where it went OOB.

If you're in the frontcourt, then try and picture this:
Form two triangles by drawing an imaginary line from each end of the free throw line to the nearest corner of the baseline/sideline. If the violation/foul occurs in the paint, in the free throw semi-circle, or in either of the triangles you just imagined, the throw-in will be on the baseline. Otherwise it's a sideline throw-in.

chrs_schuster Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:39pm

One thing I'll add to this list Back in the Saddle. Unless throw-in is not touched by any player, then its at the original spot throw-in. Not where the ball went OOB.

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