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BigDave Thu Jan 11, 2001 12:22am

Just curious if any of you guys are military? I'm active-duty Air Force.

Hawks Coach Thu Jan 11, 2001 12:38am

Navy reserve, aviation maintenance

Peter Devana Thu Jan 11, 2001 02:31am

Ex Military
Yes I am Ex Canadian Airforce. Had the opportunity to ref the 96 world military Men's Tourney held at Fort Hood Texas. Was a great Tourney featuring teams from 11 different countries including China!!! Had the opportunity to work with one of your Final 4 guys named Charlie Range. By the way Ukraine beat Italy in the final and USA came 3rd. If you get the chance you should get involved in the CISM tourneys if they still have them. I have retired now so I can't do them any more.

williebfree Sun Jan 14, 2001 11:38am

Army.. started as an enlisted soldier, worked my way up... OCS.. Left as a Commissioned Officer, CPT.

Did not start officiating until last yr, 6 yrs after my departure from military life.

BktBallRef Sun Jan 14, 2001 06:43pm

No, I'm not military but we have a lot officials in our association that are. Just as many active as there are retired. Ft. Bragg and Pope AFB are only a few miles away.

Kelvin green Wed Jan 17, 2001 03:46pm

CURRENT: Army National Guard Warrant Officer

Suppref Wed Jan 17, 2001 04:42pm


Originally posted by BigDave
Just curious if any of you guys are military? I'm active-duty Air Force.

I was a Sea Cadet in High School. Does that count?

Mark Padgett Wed Jan 17, 2001 06:12pm

There's a partner of mine out here who claims to be in Starfleet.

Also - I watched M*A*S*H a lot and now I watch JAG. Does that count?

Sometimes I like to wear a uniform, but that's another story ;)

Big Sarge Wed Jan 17, 2001 10:31pm

Active Duty Army Sergeant Firt Class. Lot's of military in our association here in Fairbanks AK. My First Sergeant is the one who got me started in officiating this year. More fun than a wet blanket on a cold night!

williebfree Wed Jan 17, 2001 11:37pm

Mark With your Biography....
I would have suspected McHale's Navy would be more appropriate!

sphinxicu Fri Jan 19, 2001 11:33am

Active Dutty Army
LTC Army in Heidelberg, Germany. Working comptrollership and budget for the Headquarters. Pls send more officials to Germany, we are hurting in numbers.

Mark Padgett Fri Jan 19, 2001 12:07pm

Re: Mark With your Biography....

Originally posted by williebfree
I would have suspected McHale's Navy would be more appropriate!
Actually, I was drafted into the war on poverty. I'm losing.

Tim Roden Fri Jan 19, 2001 03:15pm

In Colorado Springs, about a third our association was military. Army and Air Force? Me. I dodged my fathers urgings to join the military.

Huebsch Fri Jan 19, 2001 11:55pm

I'm active duty Coast Guard, currently stationed in Mobile, AL. Just found out I'm heading to San Francisco this summer, so time to start networking for a new association.

Being military certainly creates new challenges as an official - having to get reestablished in each new location can be difficult. I hope that most associations are open-minded to military folks that come into their area and give them an honest chance to work games - I've been fortunate in my career, but I know not everyone else is treated as well.

chris s Sat Jan 20, 2001 12:12am

Military is welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Youth assc leader asked me if I had ideas for new guys last season. I told him to put ads in the DLI/POM paper and to try the colleges. We got 18 new guys, all looking to earn some extra cash while they get underpaid to do thier job. I have worked a lot of games with guys that are E2's to Master Sargeant's. Great income addition to the Military folk and best of all,these guys/gals don't take any crap!.........

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