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gte087t Sat Jun 05, 2004 07:19pm

Who doesn't use a lanyard? do you think it looks better/worse?

BigGref Sat Jun 05, 2004 08:22pm

I tried to start a forum on this topic about 3 months ago; its probably long gone but I will recap most of the info from what I remember.

Most people didn't really like it unless they practiced it a lot. Some people did like the look, I personally liked it alot, I saw it first used in some D1 games and now I see some of this technique used in the pro game as well. I think that it had the appearance of the official being more open, and not as quick on the draw during a dead ball (for a T).

I also was reading in a book about Indiana Basketball Officials (Who stole the pea out of my whistle) that had a good story about an old timer trying this out for a while, it didn't work out to well!

I tried it out for about a half during a Intramural Playoff game, I liked it times but I think that I needed more practice, probably not in a playoff situation (I lost it about 3 times, which was a little embarassing). Overall I would just say to try it out (don't worry you will lose it the first 3 or 4 times guranteed, so be prepared), if you like it, go for it; just try to find what works for you.

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