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Ron Pilo Tue Nov 14, 2000 10:07am

After FINALLY receiving my 2000-2001 National Federation Test, I compared it with last years test and with the exception of about 10 questions it is word for word the same test
as last year.
What is up with that? Are the test makers tired of coming up with more creative questions or are they giving us a break this year?

walter Tue Nov 14, 2000 10:57am

Part I or Part II?

JRutledge Tue Nov 14, 2000 12:05pm

Part 1
I am sure that he is talking about the Part 1 Exam. I was told the same thing and looked for myself.


Originally posted by walter
Part I or Part II?

mikesears Tue Nov 14, 2000 02:53pm

I guess there are only about 110 different things that can happen during a game!

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