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Mark T. DeNucci, Sr. Fri Sep 27, 2019 01:39pm

Phil Bova Interview and New Book.
Phil Bova was part of the officiating crew that officiated the Purdue at Indiana game in February 1985 in which the infamous Bobby Knight chair throwing incident occurred.

Phil and I were both lucky to have the late Joe Pangrazzio of Dennison, Ohio and long time Big 10 men's evaluator at The Ohio State University as our mentor. Phil had one of the first basketball camps in the country and unlike the vast majority of camps since then, his camp, like the IAABO camps, was a true learning camp specializing in Three-Person Mechanics. One did not attend his camp to be seen by a conference supervisor, one attended his camps to become a better basketball official.

Phil has a new book out called Throwing Back the Chair, and was interviewed in WKYC, Channel 3 in Cleveland this past Wednesday. He is the video of the interview:

MTD, Sr.

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