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Nevadaref Sun Mar 19, 2017 08:06pm

Poor spectaor behavior at the NCAA level too
<header id="SideTop-0-HeadComponentTitle" class="canvas-header" data-reactid="2">Wife of Wichita State coach asked to leave court area after game for shouting and cursing


Henry Bushnell
The Dagger<time class="date Fz(11px) D(ib) Mb(4px)" datetime="2017-03-20T00:12:33.000Z" data-reactid="13">March 20, 2017</time>

<article data-uuid="d71d80f4-8a85-33a1-8a38-3f0bab4c49b1" data-type="story" data-reactid="3"><figure class="canvas-image Mx(a) canvas-atom Mt(0px) Mt(20px)--sm Mb(24px) Mb(22px)--sm" style="max-width:100%;" data-type="image" data-reactid="4">
<figcaption class="C(#787d82) Fz(13px) Py(5px) Lh(1.5)" title="Lynn Marshall was boisterous throughout Sunday’s NCAA tournament game against Kentucky. (@travisheying on Twitter)" data-reactid="9">Lynn Marshall was boisterous throughout Sunday’s NCAA tournament game against Kentucky. (@travisheying on Twitter)

Wichita State saw its season end in dramatic fashion Sunday against Kentucky. The wife of Shockers head coach Gregg Marshall apparently didn’t take the loss too well.
Lynn Marshall was asked to leave the Bankers Life Fieldhouse court area about 10 minutes after the final horn for cursing and shouting, according to a report from the Associated Press. She was reportedly followed away from the court by a police officer, then was taken back to a postgame news conference.
Marshall sat in on her husband’s news conference, and at one point said, “He got fouled,” as Gregg Marshall and Landry Shamet were discussing the final play of the game.
According to Kennedy Hardman of WTVQ, arena security paid Lynn Marshall three visits during the game, and thought about having her leave but decided to be “delicate” because they knew Marshall was the head coach’s wife.
Drew Franklin of Kentucky Sports Radio tweeted out video of Marshall during the game, but said NCAA officials told him to delete the tweet. He did, but later posted it online. The video shows Marshall standing on chairs, cheering loudly, leaning over the railing in front of her, and then sinking back into her seat.
Here’s another video of Marshall:
Live look at Gregg Marshall's wife. Shockers hit a three. Climbs on a chair and waves her shirt up and down. #DrunkMomProbz
— Kennedy Hardman (@kennedy_hardman) March 19, 2017

Lynn Marshall has a history of loud, exuberant cheering at Wichita State games. Perhaps the intensity of the NCAA tournament took it up a notch.

grunewar Sun Mar 19, 2017 08:11pm

Yeah, I just posted this Wichita State one in the "fanboy" thread. Figured she was the ultimate. Guess a moderator can delete it there.

But, ya know, with all that bonus money involved....... :eek:


big jake Mon Mar 20, 2017 06:12pm

She should act better

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