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ltllng Fri Oct 21, 2016 11:54am

Free throw mechanics
Researching mechanics and who is responsible for what players on a free throw attempt.

Seem to be finding some editing issues in the NFHS manuals.

Within the officials manual, it does not indicate who has responsibility for the players outside of the lane, but within the frontcourt.
The wording discusses the trail (in 2-man and 3-man) with coverage of any player in the backcourt.

We have been taught that the Trail (2-man) and Center (3-man) should indicate any violation of the 3-point line or free throw line extended before the free throw hits the rim, backboard or the free throw ends.

Part of the reason I bring this up is with the changes from 14-15 going back to release, it would seem logical that we shift the coverage in a 3-man system to these players to the Trail official, who is told to "assist on all violations within the court." That way the Center would focus on the more important coverage of rebounding issues after the ball has been released and can close down quicker to get into position for a better look, versus having to watch a minimum 4 or more players and whether they crossed the free throw line, the free throw line extended or the 3 point line before the ball hits.

If you have any reference to help me with this, it would be appreciated.

Dad Fri Oct 21, 2016 01:16pm

When you say we have been taught -- who did the teaching?

The center has plenty of responsibility with rebounding shenanigans.

Freddy Fri Oct 21, 2016 09:28pm

Mid-Stream Adaptation
Ths year's "new' 9-1-3h free throw rule came out as last year's POE smack in the middle of the three-year stretch of the 2015-17 NFHS Officials' Manual. One imagines that the new issue that comes out after that one will specify what they deem approved coverage will be by whom on free throws given 9-1-3h. In the meantime, it seemed logical for us here to shift C's rim observation responsibilities (miss, BI, GT) to T. That only seemed sensible.
Sorry, but in 2-person, T has a lot on his/her plate.
Those who considered Free Throw Time "Take-a-Break" Time now have more to miss.

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