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REFANDUMP Wed Jun 05, 2013 02:01pm

Handling Lineup Cards
I've been umpiring a long time, but have never found a way to handle my lineup cards that I'm comfortable with. I usually end up stuffing them in my pockets and when I need to make a change, it's frustrating to write on them and I feel like I'm causing a human rain delay whenever I'm making a change. I've seen different types of card holders, and am wondering if you have used these with success, and if you keep them in your shirt pocket or a ball bag. I'd appreciate any advice on this.


Robert E. Harrison Wed Jun 05, 2013 02:08pm

I use Honigs KIP. It comes with an eraseable white card that helps with visits and lineup changes. I put the lineup card holder in my back pocket and a bullet pencil and white card in my shirt pocket for quick entries.
Most umpire supply stores carry similar items but these work best for me.


Fits in shirt pocket or ball bag



Keep the team lineup cards on this convenient mini-folder

CT1 Wed Jun 05, 2013 05:30pm

I'm frugal (my wife says "cheap").

I go to my local bank, ask for a (free) blue checkbook cover, then cut it down to fit in my front shirt pocket. I insert one piece of thin cardboard on each side for writing support & I'm ready to go.

Most checkbook covers have clear plastic on each side, which prevents moisture from getting the lineup "cards" soggy on hot or rainy days.

RPatrino Wed Jun 05, 2013 07:57pm

For the longest time, maybe 10 years or so, I used a line up card holder made by a friend (thanks Russ). That finally fell apart this year, so I bought a holder from Gerry Davis. It works just fine, and fits in my shirt or jacket pocket along with a pen, usually a sharpie.

Rich Wed Jun 05, 2013 08:48pm

I just put the cards in my pocket. If it's really hot or wet, I put them in the pocket in my ball bags.

I've tried lineup card holders -- they're not for me.

DG Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:19pm

I use the Honigs notebook, but with a custom made sheet I came up with to keep changes on. When I get the lineups they go into top shirt pocket, notebook is in left ball bag. All notes are made on the custom sheet.

jwwashburn Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:38pm

is the sheet a word doc?

I would be interested in checking it out

Manny A Thu Jun 06, 2013 01:09pm

I umpire a lot of softball, so I use the ASA lineup card holder, even when I umpire baseball.

Each side has a clear plastic sleeve that extends halfway across the side in order to tuck the lineup cards into. But I've found that to be more of a pain than it's worth because when I slide the card out to make a change, sometimes I have problems trying to slide it back in.

So I just use two small metal binder clips$lnk$

one on each side, to hold the cards down. And I keep the holder in my ball bag so that I don't have to worry about them getting wet from my sweat on those hot days. I've never had any issues.

Of course, the vast majority of the baseball that I do are in organizations that don't ask umpires to keep cards. In the off chance I do, one of my ASA holders has the logo covered so I don't get some coach think, "Aww, geez, he's a softball umpire..."

nopachunts Thu Jun 06, 2013 03:08pm

I do the same thing that Manny A does with the Honig's pocketbook and two small bulldog clips. The visitors lineup is clipped on the left side and the home on the right side. I fold it in half horizontally and then half vertically. I can keep track of visits, CR, , new batter if third out happened on bases without batter completing AB, etc. on the back. When either manager comes to make changes, the line ups are folded so that when the lineup card is unfolded, I have the pocketbook to provide a hard surface to write on.

In a game that I don't get lineups, I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of everything. This system works good for me.

RPatrino Thu Jun 06, 2013 03:11pm

I wonder if anyone uses the official ASA jock strap?

REFANDUMP Thu Jun 06, 2013 04:34pm

I've seen some good ideas here, and I'm going to try a couple of them. To Rich, you've made me now feel better since I'm not the only one stuffing cards into their pockets !! :D:D:D

David B Thu Jun 06, 2013 06:05pm


Originally Posted by Rich (Post 896751)
I just put the cards in my pocket. If it's really hot or wet, I put them in the pocket in my ball bags.

I've tried lineup card holders -- they're not for me.

yep same here


Rita C Thu Jun 06, 2013 07:23pm


Originally Posted by RPatrino (Post 896818)
I wonder if anyone uses the official ASA jock strap?

Love it.

Manny A Fri Jun 07, 2013 07:29am


Originally Posted by rita c (Post 896834)
love it.

rotflmao!! :D

UMP25 Fri Jun 07, 2013 01:23pm

OK, so here's a question while we're on this topic--what type of writing instrument do you use with your lineup cards? I used to use a golf pencil, then one of those itty bitty bullet pencils, but after taking the suggestion/tip of one of my colleagues, I went to Staples and purchased a box of Bic red pens, the ones that are all red, solid plastic (not the see through or transparent or thick ones). I use this specific one.

Why red? Well, it makes it easier to see the changes, and because the lineup cards I get in the plate meeting have themselves been written in pencil, blue ink, black ink, green ink, etc., but rarely in red ink. Therefore, my using a red pen has helped me notice things more easily. Plus, the type of pen I use, even if hit by a pitch or foul ball (I keep the Honig's little thingie in my shirt pocket), doesn't spill or leak ink if hit by the ball, which has happened once to me.

BTW, the size of those Bic red pens I use is perfect--they're not too thick, but more importantly, they're not too long, so they just barely stick out of my shirt pocket.

This is all just my preference, but I've found it to be my best scenario out of the many I've tried over my long career.

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