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nyblue20 Mon Feb 24, 2003 10:48pm

I am currently a 2nd year active member in upstate NY, but my wife and I plan on moving to the Raleigh NC area for next season. Can anyone supply me with info on umpiring in this area and who I need to contact etc.. Thanks For the help!

Ben Gilli

nyblue20 Tue Feb 25, 2003 11:33am

trying to get some answers.. bumping up.

Jerry Tue Feb 25, 2003 11:40am

Here's a Start
North Carolina High School Association
P. O. Box 3216
Chapel Hill, NC 27515
(919) 962-2345
(919) 962-1686 (fax)

Executive Director: Charles H. Adams
Supervisor of Officials: Dick Knox

L.G. Dorsey Tue Feb 25, 2003 04:18pm

I grew up in Raleigh and umpire there for almost 5 years. The City of Raleigh has an active baseball program and the contact is David Tugwell, Program Supervisor, 919-831-6836 (I think!!). They are a PONY affiliated program (at least last time I checked). Good Luck..


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