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TwoBits Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:38pm

P.A. announcers say the darndest things
Not a rules question, but I have to share.

NBC game with a lot of D1 and D2 college players on both teams. Bottom of the 8th, 2 outs, scored is 4-3, visiting team winning. R3, ball 4 awarded to batter. Batter-runner rounds first on the walk on way to second in an obvious attempt to get in a run down so that R3 can score. The P.A. announcer has his microphone keyed ready to announce the next batter. While he has his mic keyed, the rundown begins. P.A. announcer (the local radio station news man), exclaims, "Oh sh!t!", to be followed by the laughter of much of the fans attending the game.:D

I'm plate ump, and I'm laughing, too, but trying not to because I know I have a play at the plate coming. Fortunately for me, R3 was thrown out at home by about ten feet, but under the circumstances, I don't think anyone was watching (or even cared, for that matter!)

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