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Carl Childress Wed Apr 13, 2005 03:39pm

As I said in the other thread, I would be calling the attention of the NFHS to the reported interpretations from southern Connecticut.

Here is part of the reply I received from Elliot Hopkins:

<font color=navy>NFHS Rule 2-28-3 describes in more depth than the explanation below when the pitcher must pitch while in the wind-up position. In terms of the “gorilla” stance, Rule 6-1-3 is very clear, in the set position there are only two positions that the pitcher’s hand (hence arm) can be, down at his side or behind his back. Anything else would be an illegal pitching position. I do not agree with the gentlemen’s position that they have decided how to call it in Southern Connecticut and that is the way it is. Their interpretation is incorrect and self-serving. They are wrong and would be doing the schools in that area a grave disservice. I will be copying Ray Faustich, the Connecticut statewide baseball rules interpreter with my reply so he can address these issues with his troops in the southern end of the state.</font>

I imagine the issue is settled.

Tim C Wed Apr 13, 2005 04:54pm

Thanks Carl, I tried to take care of the central part of the state and now you are taking care of the southern part of the great state.

I think I understand completely why this state has problems with these specific rules.

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