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bake17 Wed Jan 31, 2001 04:06pm

Well, as father time would have it, these old eyes of mine have begun to falter. I need reading glasses only. The problem is, do I bring out the glasses during a line-up change or wear the glasses the whole time. I can see the problem bringing them out during a line-up change....
Any suggestions? Contacts are out.

Thanks, Bake17

Bfair Thu Feb 01, 2001 01:53pm

When I first started wearing reading glasses I guess my eyes must have relaxed at that point. They seemed to decline rapidlly thereafter. I went one year trying to call wearing glasses and hated it. I replaced the glasses with contacts and just got some longer arms for the lineups (my glasses were bifocals).

Arkansas Blue Mon Feb 05, 2001 02:50pm

I've heard about some new contacts on the market that have bifocal as a part of the contact. You might want to look at some. I've worn contacts for years and cannot think of myself doing without.

JJ Mon Feb 05, 2001 08:20pm

I've worn glasses for 20 years. Tried contacts in 1985 when I went to Wendelstedt's school, and fought with them all that Spring. Then went back to glasses. Four years ago went to bifocals, and wear them while umping with NO problems. I've gotten a few true shots over the years and have NEVER broken the glasses. I can even see the "close" plays now! My suggestion - get them at the END of a season, and get used to them for a few months. Then when you step on the field it will be second nature...

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