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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
... when you work with people you never met or have no idea what they do, a pregame helps me set some expectations or understand my partners ... how do we handle things ... want to know my partner's attitude about uniforms so when we start the game we know how that is going to be handled ...
Agree, especially with inexperienced partners and/or partners that you have never worked with, or haven't worked with in a long time.

Boundary responsibilities old school versus new school, attitude about out-of-bounds help, liberal or conservative primary coverage areas, by the book or otherwise put the ball in play where it goes out of bounds or violation, by the book or otherwise switches, handling double whistles and preliminary signals, communication by nonadministering official not ready on throwins, who identifies free throw shooter, handling less than a minute and last second shot.

I wish that everybody officiated the same exact consistent way, but that's not the case here in my little corner of Connecticut.

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