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Originally Posted by johnny d View Post
Pregames are a waste of time. People talk, listen, shake their heads in agreement, and then go out on the court and referee the same way they always do. My pregame is very simple. Don't **** up, and if you do don't expect me to bail you out. Again, at the end of the day, guys just fall back into their old habits anyway.
I totally disagree with that. For one the pregame is not for you to shape how others officiate or the things you call. It is for you to start talking basketball or get your mind on the game. I know travel can be frustrating. Our jobs can be frustrating. Our families can be frustrating. The pregame gets us to what we are supposed to be doing for that couple of hours and that is to call a game. No one cares about our personal issues when

I can tell you when you work with people you never met or have no idea what they do, a pregame helps me set some expectations or understand my partners. If we talk about nothing then how do we handle things. Sometimes I just want to know my partner's attitude about uniforms so when we start the game we know how that is going to be handled or why it will be handled in a certain way.

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