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Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear that.

I’ve had way too many pregames this year where my R has uttered the stale and antiquated, “Tonight we’re going to referee our primaries...stay in your primary...unless it’s an elephant, blah blah blah.”
I do not have any issues with that being said. I still think you should do this for the most part. But you have to know when to come out of your primary and this probably was not one of them. Or we do not have a primary in transition. This was in transition. The calling official appeared to guess. And I have no idea if the lead saw this at all or had an opinion. The bottom line, if you make a call see it clearly.

Originally Posted by crosscountry55 View Post
These are quality varsity games and our conversations are at the 101 level instead of the 401 level. And I know what some of you are thinking....”well, Cross, as the U2 you have to step in and take charge of the pregame...” Hey I’m with ya, but around here usurping some of our grizzly veterans is about as taboo as a loud fart in church on Christmas morning. So after a while you just have to live with the fact that elements of your association are about ten years behind the times. It’s frustrating.
So you cannot say something in the pregame with your partners in the locker room? You cannot ask questions or be specific about a situation and ask "How do you handle it?"

Let us get into "Good Trouble."
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