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Originally Posted by AremRed View Post
You mean the Center don't you?

In any case the Lead has a couple bodies passing between him and the player with the ball which can obscure his vision the feet/ball/etc.

In your first post you said the Center could see Lead was on the play. In transition there's no way any official should be looking at their partner to see where their eyes are. There's too much going on. In a half court set you generally get a feel for what your partners can and can't see but in transition -- all bets are off.
The Lead is in the same line of vision as the ball-handler from the Center's vantage point.

We can either continue to do the same things or we can strive to get better by looking at plays where we (officials) make mistakes and figure out how or why it should have been handled differently.

I have also learned from my own personal experiences not to call travels when I don't see the ball thru the entire sequence. There is a point where the ball handler's back is completely turned to the Center official, therefore he would have no idea if there was a bobble or not during those two steps.

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