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What's Wrong With Being Embarrassed ???

Originally Posted by SC Official View Post
Hey, I'm embarrassed every time I make a mistake, varsity game on television, or middle school game in front of a hundred fans, big mistakes that everybody sees and impacts the game, and little mistakes that nobody but me even notices.

Even when my partner makes a mistake, I always think, "What could I have done better as a partner to prevent that mistake?".

I'm embarrassed when I post something incorrect on the Forum.

Forty years. Thousands of games. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in game fees. Training. Meetings. Camps. Exams. Conferences. Observations. Advice. Lots of reading. Scrimmages. Introspection.

I always strive to work a perfect game. I never do, but that doesn't keep me from trying and from disappointing myself and being embarrassed every time that I make a mistake.

Of course, I stopped kicking myself about it many, many, years ago, or I wouldn't still be officiating today.

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